What is integrative therapy and counseling?

The view that thoughts, behaviour, emotions, physical states of being and spirituality constantly interact and influence each other. Each treatment plan is a different one.

Integrative work means custumization. This means a suitable treatment plan is been made from the beginning appropriate for each individual at the same time fitting with the symptoms that occur.

The core elements in treatment are; autonomy, the possibilities for development and authenticity of the individual.

The treatment is aimed at detecting and removing the cause of the symptoms/ complaints from clients. In the therapy sessions the client will be confronted with the symptoms, the blockages and the solutions (this process continues in every day life).

From the integrative perspective the use of the individual potential will be optimized. The goal of integrative therapy is that the client learns to activate and mobilise necessary health-giving processes and to mobilise and to focus them.

Feedback is stimulated throughout the treatment, the sessions, as also feedback between the relation of therapist and client. The treatment remains dynamic, goal focussed and at the same time it is used as a tool to create insight in the progress of the treatment.