What is counseling?

Counseling can help you discover the reasons behind negative feelings and help you the work out ways of constructively dealing with them. Counseling will help you find solutions that are realistic and workable for you. A counselor listens without judgment. You will get the space to explore your issues and look at them from a different perspectives.

Counseling is aimed at the following points:

  • helping to find solutions to experienced problems
  • finding questions and answers to common feelings such as depression
  • to help develop greater self-respect and assertiveness
  • to deal better with daily problems and conflicts
  • to develop skills and knowledge to help cope with everyday life
  • to help make desired changes in your life

A counselor is trained to listen carefully to your problems and to support you while you find your own solutions. The relationship between a counselor and a client is confidential and is based on respect and trust.

The counseling is a short-term form of treatment, sessions will vary between 5 – 10 times.