Cora has lived in the UK for over 5 years, where, in addition to working in several branches of industry, she graduated in Social Psychology and Social Sciences at Sussex University in the UK. After she continued post academic study in the direction of integrative psychotherapy ER/ECP (European Registered/European Certificate of Psychotherapy). Cora also followed additional modules in hypnotherapy and Jungian analytical psychotherapy. Furthermore she lived in Portugal, stayed and worked in Australia and traveled in many other countries. In the Netherlands, she worked as a social welfare officer (multi-problem families). Since 2005 she started her practice for adults, adolescents and expats in psychotherapy, counseling and coaching (languages: Dutch/English).

Her vision
Individuals can use their own potential to create the changes they want. Everyone is unique and therefore each individual course of therapy is different. During the therapy, counseling or coaching autonomous decision-making is activated. Taking responsibilities for the issues at hand enhances self-awareness and emergence of hidden talents. The individual has their own solutions and time frame in which the changes occur.