Expatriate Counseling

Different nationalities and cultures live and work all around the globe. It is not always easy to find your “own home comforts” when you are living in another country. Sometimes you may experience overwhelming feelings of loneliness or despair. Counseling can help you overcome these common feelings.

Some issues that can cause difficulties:

  • getting used to a new culture
  • loss of self confidence due to being outside your “comfort zone”
  • Questions around the meaning of life and feelings of emptiness(homesickness)
  • Relationship strains due to the stress of moving to unfamiliar surroundings
  • Feelings of loneliness due to the fact that family and friends are not close-by.
  • Finding it difficult to make decisions about the future.

Counseling can help in making the transition to a new country more pleasant and provide the tools to help you cope better with the pressures of migration and moving to new society.